Smart Home Trends That Keep Seniors Independent

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It’s clear that many smart home trends are here to stay. Whether you simply ask Alexa to turn on your lights or you fully automate each room of your house, tech can make living a little easier for us all. However, tech is even more helpful for seniors. New digital tools are helping seniors stay safe, happy, and independent in their own homes. Below, we’ll explore 5 smart home trends that are great for aging in place.

1- Smart Cameras and/or Security Systems

Security is one of the most important concerns for elderly and disabled people as well as their families. Luckily, home security has come a long way. Cameras and security systems can be used both inside and also outside of the home. Seniors can control these devices using a phone or computer. Caregivers and family members can also access these systems, allowing them to monitor their loved one’s safety remotely.

2- Voice-Activated Devices

Voice-activation is simple, easy to operate, and also available on countless devices these days. Seniors can now use their voices to turn on the TV, operate the lights, and even contact people in an emergency. Voice activation is also now a common feature on phones, tablets, and other devices, making this feature easier to access than ever before.

3- Heating, Lighting, and Energy Control

Heat, light, and energy control are crucial for a few different reasons. Of course, the main reasons are a person’s safety and comfort levels. But for seniors on a fixed income, energy control can be a money issue, too. Some seniors might forget to manually control their heat and energy usage. Others might simply find it hard to do. You can control heating and energy with smart home devices. This will keep your senior comfortable, safe, and in control.

Tech + Home Renovation = The Perfect Combo For Seniors

Combining smart home trends with a senior-friendly home renovation will help your loved one stay in control as they age. At Home Comfort Solutions, we can design the perfect space for your senior. We can also add smart home tools to make the space even more user-friendly. Call us today to learn more.