5 Comfy Benefits Of A Walk In Tub

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Now more than ever, seniors plan to live at home for retirement instead of moving to a facility or a nursing home. The concept, known as “aging in place,” is becoming increasingly popular and has tangible gains related to longevity, happiness, and stress reduction. One modification for seniors living at home is installing a walk-in tub, which can bring many benefits to their lives!
In this post, we’re going to talk about five of these benefits. We’ll explain how a walk-in tub can make your life more comfortable, easier, and safer.

1. It’s Easier To Get In And Out

Senior residents often face challenges with mobility; they’re not as flexible as they once were. This means that getting into a bathtub can be a hassle, adding a lot of stress to a normal daily routine. Worse still, the fuss of getting out of a bathtub can undo a lot of the relaxing, stress-relieving benefits of taking a bath in the first place!
Not so with a walk-in tub! They come in varieties with swinging doors, custom sizes for bigger or taller users, and allow wheelchair users to get in and out easily. They also have non-skid floors and feature safety rails to grab on to ease entry and exit.

2. Walk-In Tubs Are Safer. Period.

Walk-in bathtubs are ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Therefore, they’re guaranteed to be safer to use than a regular bathtub. Non-skid flooring prevents slippage or accidents from happening. A simple fall can be a devastating medical event for a senior and pose a psychological and financial burden. Luckily, walk-in tubs are designed to reduce the risk greatly.
And because it’s safer, you can put your mind at ease and focus on the bath.

3. They Make It Easier To Stay Clean and Hygienic

Seniors with mobility difficulties might also find it tough to clean themselves properly and maintain proper hygiene. Hard-to-reach areas, injuries, and skin that requires special care can be a challenge to tend to regularly. But walk-in bathtubs can feature adjustable showerheads, bidets, and seating. This makes it easy to keep up with good hygiene.

4. Walk-In Tubs Are Versatile

The best part about a walk-in tub is that it can also be a very comfortable shower. The best part is that you can change up your routine and take a shower vs. a bath any time you’d like. You can sit down or stand up as you please, too. This means everyone in the family can enjoy a safer, more versatile bathroom option, not just seniors.

5. Long Baths And Hydrotherapy Are More Enjoyable

Walk-in tubs can be much deeper than traditional tubs, allowing users to take a deep soak to alleviate pain and help relieve stress. Many tubs can be configured with features like heating and massaging showerheads and water jets for a luxurious, relaxing bathing experience. Using these hydrotherapy features can help improve circulation and soothe pain, along with helping symptoms of arthritis and other mobility issues, for example.

Conclusion: A Great Option For Seniors

It’s no surprise that walk-in tubs are some of the first modifications made by most homeowners. They can make a dramatic difference to your life and allow your retirement to be that much more enjoyable. Fortunately, they’re not just an exuberant purchase, as they’re also safer and more accessible.
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