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Shower aids can be a massive help to disabled people. These tools can help users keep some independence when it comes to their personal care. Shower aids also make the bathing process a lot easier for caregivers. But while showers and bathtubs are usually a disabled person’s first priority, other aids can help too. Below are 5 more disabled shower aids to try out.

1- Grab Bars

Grab bars can help people with mobility issues pull themselves into a standing position. This is very important for bathing purposes. Some people can shower independently with the help of grab bars. However, even people who need assistance can benefit from these handles.

2- Hand Rails

Handrails are similar to grab bars. They are designed for comfortable use while a person is in the shower. Handrails can support a person who needs assistance to stand. They are also helpful for people with vertigo or other head conditions who feel uncomfortable sitting upright.

3- Accessible Shower Heads

Special showerheads and faucets can help disabled people control the water while showering. A detachable showerhead can make it possible for people with disabilities to wash. Caregivers also love detachable showerheads. They allow a caregiver to bathe a patient without getting wet themselves.

4- Bathing Lifts

Bathing lifts are often necessary for wheelchair-bound patients. They make it safe and comfortable to transport a person into the bath or shower. These lifts give disabled people- and their caregivers- one less thing to worry about.

5- Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring is one of the easiest ways to make the bathroom safe for all users. This flooring helps people prevent accidents so that they can shower without fear.

Disabled Shower Aids in Houston

Whether you are a caregiver or a patient, it is important to order shower aids from a trustworthy company. Home Comfort Solutions has everything you need to create a safe, comfortable, and accessible space. Our team will work with you to help you choose the best products for your needs. Call us today to learn more.