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5 Ways You Can Use Music for Calming Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s is considered as one of the most common occurring types of dementia that causes reduced cognitive functioning, neuropsychiatric symptoms, and emotional control. We often hear about regular treatments via me...

30th April, 2022

Why Do I Have To Get A Shower Standing Handle?

Making living spaces safe for the elderly is of utmost importance. Amongst many changes that must be done for their protection, do not forget to make amends in the bathroom. Aged individuals are at increased fall risks, ...

15th April, 2022

Maneuvering Through Stairs Is Now A Problem – What To Do?

Not many people get the chance of living in their forever home even after aging. Health difficulties, security troubles, and other problems make it difficult to live peacefully alone. However, nowadays, there are many op...

30th March, 2022

Dementia Care At Home – A Guide For Your Queries

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two of the most common disorders of the elderly. This piece is a thorough guide for dementia patients as well as their caregivers and the modifications necessary for comfortable aging in ho...

15th March, 2022

Top 5 Home Safety Tips for Elderly People

Aging is one of the things that all of us are going through, us, our siblings and parents. We might not understand the issues our parents face because we are growing in age, but they are moving towards the latter part of...

28th February, 2022

Living With Hip Pain At Night – How To Get Rid Of It

Hip pain at night is not something easily dealt with, especially for the elderly, because it makes falling back asleep a difficult task. A good night’s sleep is essential for proper body functioning for the next day. ...

15th February, 2022

Caregiving for Alzheimer’s: Basic Home Modifications

Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and want to modify your home for them? Here are some basic home renovations that you can do to make your home more accessible for Alzheimer’s patients. Evaluating h...

30th January, 2022

Why Do Eyes of Dementia Patients Look Different Than Normal?

As one progresses in age, diseases such as dementia hit, which causes changes in vision and behavior patterns. The response or reflex changes because of dementia making your eyes look different from normal. Many people d...

15th January, 2022

Senior Mobility Aids | Choosing The Best Options for Your Needs

Walking, running, moving around, and traveling freely are things that many of us take for granted. But as we age, it can sometimes become difficult: aching joints, arthritis, or post-surgical recovery can mean you requir...

30th December, 2021

Early Signs of Bed Bugs | Why Are Seniors More Tolerant Of Bed Bugs?

A commonly-known fact among pest control professionals is that seniors and the elderly are more tolerant of bed bug infestations than the rest of the population. But this also means that bed bug infestations in homes wit...

15th December, 2021