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Choosing The Right Sling Lift For Your Home

Sling lifts can make life easier for both disabled people and also their caregivers. But which sling lift is right for your home? With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Below, we will go o...

30th December, 2020

Choosing a Folding Wheelchair Carrier for Your Vehicle

If your loved one uses a wheelchair, then you know traveling can be a challenge. Cars and trucks are often inaccessible, and most wheelchair users are not safe or comfortable without their chairs. A folding wheelchair ca...

15th December, 2020

Get The Benefits of a Handicap Stall at Home

The handicap stall is a useful tool for disabled people in public restrooms. These stalls offer privacy, comfort, and specially-designed hardware, making them safe and easy to use. But what if you could bring those same ...

30th November, 2020

Handicap Shower Head: A Small Feature Makes a Big Difference!

Most of us don’t think much about our shower head. However, this one simple feature can have a big impact on the shower’s usability. This is especially true for disabled users. Installing a handicap shower head is a ...

15th November, 2020

A Barrier-Free Shower Can Make Life Easier For Your Loved One

If you have a disabled loved one, then you know showering can be a challenge. Showers are often small and slippery, which can make them dangerous. But if your loved one uses a mobility aid, these challenges are even grea...

30th October, 2020

Stair Lift Cost Concerns? Learn How These Tools Can Actually Save Money

A stair lift is an important mobility tool. However, many homeowners worry about stair lift cost. While stair lifts are an investment, they can actually reduce other costs over time. Below, we will share some money-savin...

15th October, 2020

3 Reasons to Choose a Full Bathroom Remodel

If you have a disability, then it can be very hard to use a traditional bathroom. Of course, bathrooms are important for everyday life. This is also an area where independence can really make a big difference. A full bat...

30th September, 2020

Does Your Home Need an Entrance Ramp?

Wheelchair users often face challenges when it comes to navigating around the home. But for some people, these problems start before they even enter the house. Let’s face it: Home entrances are not usually accessible. ...

15th September, 2020

Home Improvements and Modifications for Aging in Place

Now more than ever before, we’re seeing more adults choosing to live at home as they grow in years, or what is known as aging in place, and maintain their lifestyle for as long as possible, rather than moving into a nu...

02nd September, 2020

Finding The Right Outdoor Stair Lift

An outdoor stairlift is a great home addition for seniors. These stairlifts allow people with mobility issues the freedom to enjoy the outdoors. And of course, they can do this while staying safe and comfortable. However...

30th August, 2020