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Have Your Elderly Experienced Loss of Ability to Walk?

With age, many problems may make a person dependent on others. Due to the loss of mass, elderly people may even experience loss of ability to walk. There can be various reasons for it, but Home Comfort Solutions provides...

30th April, 2020

What can a Sling do for Elderly Patients?

With age, many changes accompany old people. And one of those is the change in the ability to move freely. As immune system becomes weak; we tend to get affected by many diseases, and therefore, it also affects our movem...

15th April, 2020

Why Shower Handles Matter for Elderly People?

As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 25% of elderly people fall every year. Many of them fall in the bathroom because of the wet floor and non-availability of any handles. As our loved ones grow old they be...

30th March, 2020

How Shower Benches Can Save Your Loved Ones?

As our loved ones grow old, they face many challenges in their routine life as well. One of those challenges is taking a bath safely as it encompasses a risk of falling. According to the CDC, elderly people who age 65 or...

15th March, 2020

Want to Gift Something to Your Elders: Try Shower Chairs

As people age, they begin to lose their mobility. This becomes a hindrance in the need for wanting independence. They rely on others for help. Even daily activities like showering and walking down or climbing the stairs ...

29th February, 2020

Why to Have Non-Slip Flooring?

Nobody wants to fall, especially in the bathroom. But what if the older adults feel difficult to maintain their balance on the slippery bathroom floor? They will not only fall but will also hurt themselves. In such a sit...

15th February, 2020

Have you ever thought of using a chair to carry elderly up stairs?

As your loved ones age, it becomes challenging for them to move swiftly around the house. And if the house is on multiple floors, it becomes even more difficult. But to ease their movement around the house, have you ever...

30th January, 2020

Do Your Loved Ones Have Mobility Issues at Home?

Everybody likes spending their lives on their conditions and without being dependent on others. On a routine people go to work, shopping, or a relaxed evening walk and never consider mobility a blessing till they lose it...

15th January, 2020