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Do you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease and want to modify your home for them? Here are some basic home renovations that you can do to make your home more accessible for Alzheimer’s patients.

Evaluating home safety

Before you decide on any home modifications, it’s best to evaluate your whole space. Assess what level of home safety modification suits your budget and time. It would be best to consider the Alzheimer’s patient’s level of severity while evaluating your home is safe for them.
That being said, let’s look at some basic home renovations that’ll help your loved one.

Basic Home Renovations for Patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Here are some basic home renovations that will help patients with Alzheimer’s while staying within the budget.


  • Make sure you clearly label cold and hot water on the faucets. Make them easy to read by putting a clear sign or painting the knobs with different colors. You can denote red or orange to hot and blue to cold water.
  • Remove small rugs from the floor to reduce the chance of tripping or stumbling. Instead, you can use large rubber backing rugs.
    Install automatic shut-off function to appliances, especially the oven and stove, because those are hazardous if left unattended. You can also add stove locks for Alzheimer’s or dementia patients.
  • Put childproof latches on storage drawers and cabinets where breakable items are stored.
  • Please dispose of all artificial fruits and vegetables and anything confusing to them.


  • To decrease the risk of falling while bathing, apply no-slip features in your bathroom. No-slip adhesives are a key Alzheimer’s safety product.
  • Install a lock on the medicine cabinet to prevent access to anything hazardous.
  • Consider removing the lock from the bathroom door. This will give you access in an emergency and prevent dementia patients from accidentally locking themselves inside.
  • Install grab bars to help those with Alzheimer’s balance easily. For this reason, contact Home Comfort Solutions and equip your bathroom with more stability.

Living room

  • Remove small rugs similar to what you did for your kitchen. Only use large rubber backing rugs to decrease the chance of stumbling for the sake of Alzheimer’s safety.
  • Clear out cords and keep anything alike out of the way to reduce the risk of tripping.


  • Install night lights to ensure there’s always some amount of lighting so dementia patients can see when they move around at night.
  • Ensure there’s enough seating for patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia in their bedrooms.
  • If your loved one with dementia is a fall risk, place mats or cushions near and around the bed. But make sure these objects don’t get in the way when they need to get up.
  • Set up a monitor that will alert you when they move. This way, you’ll be quicker to react during an emergency.


  • In general, keep all areas, particularly doorways, clear of clutter to reduce the likelihood of tripping.
  • Make sure the pool is restricted with a fence or locks.
  • Lock up hazardous items, such as lawn equipment and pesticides.

Home Remodeling for Alzheimer’s Patients

Patients struggling with dementia often experience visual distortion and difficulty with orientation. Follow these super easy home modifications tips and make your space accessible for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia. If you would like to add more advanced home renovations features to your home, such as bathroom remodels, ramps, or wheelchair lifts, contact Home Comfort Solutions. We provide remodeling and renovation of the living space where differently-abled people can live in peace and autonomy. Contact us now for more details at 713 623 1388.