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If your loved one uses a wheelchair, then you know traveling can be a challenge. Cars and trucks are often inaccessible, and most wheelchair users are not safe or comfortable without their chairs. A folding wheelchair carrier can make transporting a wheelchair user quite a bit easier. These devices allow you to easily transport a wheelchair without the use of a specialty van. Below, we will explain the different folding wheelchair carrier options so you can choose what’s best for you.

Exterior Lifts

An exterior lift is a folding wheelchair carrier that is mounted to the back of your vehicle. These simple devices can fold down to easily store and transport a chair. When not needed, these lifts fold back up, giving you flexibility. They also leave your cargo space open, making them very convenient.

Micro Lifts

These are similar to the exterior lifts we described above. Small but powerful micro lifts usually attach to sedans. They are a great option for transporting manual wheelchairs, walkers, and other smaller mobility aids.

Truck Lifts

Truck lifts attach to the interior of a truck bed. They can be used for both transporting their user and also for storing the wheelchair. Truck lifts are able to lift a wheelchair directly up to a car door. Therefore, they are a great choice for wheelchair users who are driving or anyone else who needs the extra lift support.

Other Options

Other types of lifts exist as well, which means your loved one has plenty of options. Learn about the different types of lifts we offer by clicking here.

Purchasing a Folding Wheelchair Carrier

We understand that buying your lift can be confusing. Home Comfort Solutions is here to make the process as easy as possible. Our experts will evaluate both your wheelchair and your vehicle, helping you choose the best folding wheelchair carrier. Learn more by calling us today.