Choosing a Portable Shower Seat Vs. Built-In Seat

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Showering is one area where independence is especially important. However, it can be tricky for many seniors to shower safely. A shower seat can make this easier, but which shower seat is right for your home? While a portable shower seat is a quick and easy solution, built-in seats also have their benefits. In this article, we’ll help you choose between a portable shower seat and a permanent one.

Why Choose a Portable Shower Seat?

A portable shower seat is usually the cheapest and easiest option. These seats can be purchased at many pharmacies and big-box stores. They are also very easy to set up. Some come pre-assembled, while others can be put together in just a few minutes. Of course, the portable aspect is another reason to choose these seats. A portable shower seat is easy to move from space to space. This is great for people who need a flexible option.

Are Built-In Solutions Better?

Built-in shower seats have their advantages, too. For starters, foldable options are available, making them perfect for small spaces and shared bathrooms. Built-in seats are also securely anchored, which can make them safer and more supportive. However, these seats are usually more expensive than portable chairs. Built-ins should also be professionally installed.

Making Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

You’ve thought about the shower seat, but have you thought about the rest of the bathroom? There are many other home upgrades that can make your bathroom much safer for seniors. Talk to a contractor about installing hand rails, non-slip flooring, and more. With a few simple swaps, you can easily create a safe, comfortable space for the senior in your life.

Start With a Consultation

Still not sure how to make your bathroom senior-friendly? Call Home Comfort Solutions. Our aging-in-place experts make it easy. We will walk you through all of your options so that you can design the perfect space for your loved one. Whether you need a portable shower seat or a full bathroom renovation, we’ll provide you with the best option for your family’s needs.