Shower Chair For Elderly Patients: Know Your Options

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Most seniors want to stay independent when it comes to their bathroom routine. However, the bathroom is often the site for slips and falls. A shower chair can help elderly people care for themselves with dignity. These aids will also give you peace of mind as a caregiver. Read on to find your next favorite shower chair for elderly patients.

Folding Shower Bench

A folding shower bench is a flexible option for people who share a bathroom. This shower chair has a seat that folds down for easy use. The seat then folds against the wall, opening the shower up so other users can stand.

Transfer Bench

A transfer bench is a great choice for wheelchair users. This bench has an extended side for easy wheelchair transfers. While some wheelchair users have specially designed showers, not everyone can afford this option. A transfer bench also accessibility at a fraction of the cost. Transfer benches are also used for people who do not want to get their wheelchairs wet.

Shower Chair With Backrest

Many seniors have issues sitting without back support. These people will need a shower chair with a backrest. There are many different styles of chairs that you can buy. This means it is easy to choose one that is comfortable for your loved one.

Other Tools For Shower Safety

A shower chair for elderly people is important. However, other aids should also be added to the shower. Handrails, grab bars, and non-slip flooring are also important for bathing. Ask our team which aids are best for your loved one.

Shower Chair For Elderly Patients in Houston

Are you considering a shower chair for elderly loved ones? Home Comfort Solutions can help. Our dedicated team can help you create a safe, comforting environment for seniors. We work with a variety of families, helping everyone find a solution that fits their budget and health needs. Learn more by contacting us today.