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Sling lifts can make life easier for both disabled people and also their caregivers. But which sling lift is right for your home? With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Below, we will go over some questions to ask yourself in order to make the best selection.

Long Term Vs. Short Term Use

When choosing a sling lift, first consider how long the patient will be using the lift for. People with short-term needs (such as after an accident or surgery) need a temporary solution that is safe, yet cost-effective. They will probably also want a smaller or more portable lift. On the other hand, patients with chronic conditions or other long-term needs often opt for a fixed lift that is known for its durability.

What Are The Patient’s Needs?

Different patient needs will also determine the best lift for your home. Can the patient sit upright? Will they be moved to a wheelchair or a to a standing position? What is the patient’s comfort level? All of these questions can help you pinpoint the best device for your patient.

Options For Every Home

You should also consider which room of the house your lift will be in. If it is the patient’s primary living space, then you may opt for a fixed sling lift that is designed for comfortable long-term use. There are also special hygienic lifts that are made for bathroom use. Thinking about your home layout and construction budget will help you narrow down your options.

Feeling Overwhelmed? We Are Here to Help.

Home Comfort Solutions offers a variety of sling lifts. Our dedicated team will walk you through all of the options and help you choose the best product for your home, budget, and loved one’s needs. Click here to learn more about our devices, or call 713-623-1388 for more information.