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Complete Evaluation of Safety and Accessibility for You

Unsure of what you need?

Home Comfort Solutions has created an evaluation assessing potential hazards found throughout the home. This covers the interior and exterior of the home in a step-by-step process. You will receive a report pinpointing trouble areas with suggested solutions. This evaluation focuses on safety, accessibility, and the joy of remaining independent in your own home.

Key Areas Evaluated

  • Home Security
  • Floor Coverings & Surfaces
  • Trip Hazards
  • Lighting
  • Door Openings & Operation
  • Stairs & Railings
  • Kitchen & Bath Access
  • Closet Access
  • Water Temperature Control
  • Switches & Outlets
  • Landscape Obstacles

Our Certified Specialists Are Trained In

  • The unique needs of those who choose to live at home
  • Home modifications to increase the functionality, enjoyment, and comfort of independent living
  • Simple to complex remodeling projects
  • Solutions to any and all home obstacles and potential hazards
  • Quality and assurance that you and your loved ones expect