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Wheelchair users often face challenges when it comes to navigating around the home. But for some people, these problems start before they even enter the house. Let’s face it: Home entrances are not usually accessible. Building an entrance ramp can help to solve this problem. But what type of ramp is right for your home? Learn about your options below.

The Importance of Entrance Ramps

An entrance ramp is perhaps the most important home renovation for wheelchair users. Almost all home entrances have some feature that makes them hard to navigate, whether that is steps, a front porch, or a door lip. Being able to enter and exit the home independently is a basic need that every person should have. Before you tackle other renovation projects, make sure your entryway is accessible.

Installed Vs. Portable Ramps

This is a key decision to make. Should you install a permanent ramp, or is a portable ramp the better option? The answer depends on your home style, budget, and also the disabled person’s lifestyle. Also remember that portable ramps can be transported to other homes, giving accessibility options away from your house. Have an honest conversation with your loved one to decide on the best ramp style.

Options to Consider

There are lots of different entrance ramp options. Permanent ramps can be made of wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, and also other materials. Your home design can also influence the ramp you choose. Another consideration is the weather. Talk to your contractor about weather-proofing the ramp for comfortable access no matter what.

We Can Make Your Home Accessible

Home Comfort Solutions is here to help. Whether you need a ramp, stair lift, or another mobility aid, we have the right product for any home. Explore our website to learn more about what we offer. Our aging-in-place specialists will help you design the perfect solution for you and your loved ones.