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Most of us don’t think much about our shower head. However, this one simple feature can have a big impact on the shower’s usability. This is especially true for disabled users. Installing a handicap shower head is a small way to make a shower much easier to use. Learn how these shower heads work in the article below.

What is a Handicap Shower Head?

A handicap shower head is usually a handheld device that is easier for disabled people to use. Generally, these shower heads mount on the wall and are attached with a long tube. However, some handicap shower heads attach to a person’s faucet. This is a budget-friendly way to convert any bathtub into an accessible shower.

Key Features

Shower heads come in many different sizes, shapes, and designs. This means you can easily customize your shower. Some people like a dual shower head, which has an overhead piece and a handheld piece. This offers greater flexibility and is perfect for shared bathrooms. An adjustable shower mount and multiple shower head settings are also great ways to personalize the shower.

Great For Caregivers, Too

A handicap shower head is also very helpful for caregivers. Caregivers often have to assist with bathing. A detachable shower head makes this process easy. It will prevent you from getting wet while also giving you greater control. This equals a greater clean- as well as a better experience for the person in your care.

Other Bathroom Upgrades

Shower heads are just one bathroom feature. Consider upgrading other features to make them more accessible, too. This might include a shower or bathtub renovation, a wider door frame, or easy-to-reach storage spaces.

Make Your Bathroom Accessible

Home Comfort Solutions can transform any bathroom into a safe and functional space. Whether you need a handicap shower head or a full-scale bathroom remodel, our team can help. Call today to learn more.