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Home Remodeling For Disabled

Home Remodeling for disabled

Home Comfort Solutions also provides standard remodeling services for disabled and seniors. Whether you’re hanging a door, replacing a toilet, expanding your bedroom/kitchen, or adding a deck, we have the expertise to complete your project. Our unique focus on mobility and aging ensures that anything we design today will still work for you tomorrow. We work with the best specialists in their fields to make sure your plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and other needs are serviced professionally and expeditiously.

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Home remodeling is one of the greatest gifts you can give a disabled friend or family member. These services will allow you to customize your loved one’s living space so they can stay both independent and safe. Below are some of our most common home renovations. However, we know that every person’s physical needs are different. If you need another type of remodel for someone with a disability, call us for a custom quote.

Accessible Home Remodeling

Accessible home remodeling gives people with physical disabilities full access to their space. There are a variety of home improvements for disabled people, so handicapped remodeling is always a custom process. We can adjust the size, width, and height of counters, doorways, and more accommodate mobility aids. This makes it easy for people to navigate homes of any size using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or walker. We also offer electronic devices such as stair lifts and medical slings for additional assistance.

Our contractors can also redesign a home to be more space-efficient. The additional space is not only crucial for comfort, but it can also help your space accommodate mobility tools as well as family members, nurses, and other home aids.

Bathroom Modifications For Disabled People

When it comes to independence, a bathroom remodel is essential. The right features will help those with disabilities maintain their dignity in a particularly vulnerable space. Features can include adding hand rails and non-slip flooring, installing extra seating, adjusting counter and sink heights, and so much more.

Many wheelchair users find that an inaccessible bathroom means they cannot use the toilet independently. Accessible home remodeling can solve this problem by expanding the space surrounding a toilet to accommodate a wheelchair. We can also add guard rails, hand bars, and other features to make self-transfers easy.

Shower Modifications For The Disabled

An accessible shower is crucial for independence, hygiene, and basic comfort. Luckily, there are plenty of options for shower accessibility. Shower benches, chairs, hand bars, and non-slip, waterproof flooring are all easy fixes that can make a huge difference. Detachable shower heads and easy-access soap dispensers can also make the showering process easier.

A full shower renovation is another option to consider. This process will transform your traditional bathtub into a walk-in shower. These showers do not have doors or steps, making them easy to access while using a walker or wheelchair. We can custom-make a walk-in shower to accommodate a specific device or mobility issue, which means personalized comfort is just one renovation away.

Making Common Areas Accessible

Renovating your home’s shared spaces will make your house accessible without interfering with your design tastes. Ask us about custom-made porches, decks, living room designs, dining room accessibility, and more. We can expand doorways, build ramps, and create unique solutions so the whole family can enjoy your space.

Handicap Remodeling For Bedrooms

Lots of people with disabilities find their bedrooms are not accessible. Simple changes can make a world of difference in these spaces. Consider accessible closets, wheelchair-friendly flooring, and easy-to-use lighting solutions. Some people might also need customized beds, sling lifts, or other accessibility aids. Our custom home remodeling allows you to choose which features will be most helpful for your loved one’s room.

Home Remodeling for disabled & seniors