How Aging In Place Bathroom Design Can Make Life Easier

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It’s becoming increasingly popular for seniors aged 65 or older to want to stay at home. Studies have shown numerous benefits to this, including a sense of community, autonomy, and independence that is ever so valuable to seniors as they continue living gracefully into retirement. However, aging presents its own set of challenges, so aging-in-place bathroom design exists to improve the quality of life for senior residents who want to live at home.

This article will discuss how bathroom design for aging in place can make seniors’ lives easier, more comfortable, and – most importantly – safer.

How Aging In Place Bathroom Design Works

The purpose of aging in place is to allow seniors to remain familiar with their surroundings and maintain a level of comfort in their daily activities. This is especially true for places like bathrooms, where mobility issues and slippery services can be challenging. But, they can also pose a potential safety hazard.

That’s why designing a bathroom for aging in place means considering the needs of the individual. One must alleviate the unique challenges they face through the use of accessibility or safety measures. It’s much more dangerous for a senior to fall than any other age group, for example. Decreasing the chance of that happening is a great safety addition to the bathroom.

However, that’s not to say that aging in place bathroom design has to be strictly functional. In fact, modern bathroom designers can remodel the bathroom to suit your needs functionally and
aesthetically. The result is often a safer, better-looking, and better-lit bathroom that is safe and accessible for all ages.

Aging In Place Bathroom Design Ideas

Aging in place providers or contractors can implement several changes to the bathroom, including:

  • Better lighting. Preventing accidental bumps or falls in the bathroom is important, and better lighting can help accomplish that. Allowing natural light to enter also benefits seniors, including improving sleep quality, mood and strengthening bones.
  • Wider doorways. If a senior uses a walker, wheelchair, or other mobility devices, widening the entry and exit to a bathroom can make it easier to navigate and use. You can also change the way the door swings open to make it easier to use.
  • Non-slip flooring. Perhaps the most obvious bathroom hazard, slippery floors, can cause seniors to lose balance and fall. You can add non-slip flooring strategically to make the bathroom safer for all. It also helps wheelchair users maintain a steady position while getting in and out.
  • Grab bars. ADA-compliant and deceptively simple, grab bars offer a natural place for seniors to reach for balance and orientation when needed. You can install these around the shower and toilet, for example.


Speaking to an aging-in-place solutions provider for a bathroom remodel is a great way to start planning your future home to make your loved ones more comfortable.

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