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As our loved ones grow old, they face many challenges in their routine life as well. One of those challenges is taking a bath safely as it encompasses a risk of falling. According to the CDC, elderly people who age 65 or above have a high risk of falling in the bathroom. As per a report issued by the CDC in 2018, 80% of the bathroom injuries occur because of falling. On lucky days your loved ones might not have any injury, but on other days they might be hurt badly. Therefore it is important that we make their bath time safe. One of the solutions is to have a shower bench for elderly people in the bathroom. These stools or bath benches allow your loved ones to have a comfortable and safe bath.

Advantages of Shower Chairs for the Elderly

In the U.S, a large number of elderly people fall in the bathroom. Due to this, they face injuries and, in worse cases, even death. Though these falls can be eliminated, however, people don’t even think of getting a chair or a bench for bathing. Whether you choose a shower bench for the elderly or a bath stool, both have suction cups on their legs. These cups save the bench from slipping away when the floor is wet. Most of the time, these benches come with adjustable legs that help to change the height of the shower chair as per the need. Furthermore, these shower seats are also foldable therefore these do not acquire space all the time. Investing in these seats will not only provide safety to the elders but will also support them while they take a bath.

CDC considers having a shower bench for the elderly a necessity to save them from any injury. Home Comfort Solutions provides all equipment that can keep your loved ones safe. If you desire to have a shower chair in your bathroom, contact us on (713)-623-1388, and we will provide you your desired product.