Independent Living vs Assisted Living | Benefits And Differences

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As you grow older, you’re likely to think about how you’ll spend your time as you age. Many people encounter this question after retirement, and there are several options to choose from. Contrary to popular belief, nursing homes are not the only option available to senior citizens. You have a wide variety of senior accommodations to choose from, and this post will be discussing those. We’ll talk about independent living vs assisted living, as well as aging in place. We’ll discuss how they differ and how each option may benefit you.

Independent Living vs Assisted Living

Independent living refers to housing arrangements that are tailored to seniors. However, it doesn’t refer to any single accommodation style. Rather, independent living is more of an umbrella term encompassing anything from apartments and communities to suburban single-family homes. They cater to people who don’t need much assistance with daily living activities while offering a community of senior residents that you can connect and share time with.

On the other hand, assisted living caters specifically to individuals who require assistance with medical or personal care. Facilities that offer assisted living make the resident feel at home while providing services that assist them where needed. For example, an assisted living facility may monitor your medication, provide meals, offer emergency care, and assist with daily tasks, such as bathing and dressing.

Aging In Place: Growing Older At Home

Another option that many seniors prefer is the option to grow older within their own homes. This is referred to as “aging in place.” Many homeowners may prefer to choose this option, especially if they maintain their mobility and value the idea of aging in their own residence. It allows seniors the autonomy and independence that may allow them to enjoy their retirement years. Of course, this means modifying and adapting a home to ensure their comfort, safety, and convenience.

Conclusion: Which One Should I Choose?

Whenever you’re considering changing your living arrangements, it’s important to evaluate your current needs and anticipate future ones.

Independent living facilities, as well as aging in place, allow you to keep the sense of privacy of your own home and keep your possessions and furniture as you’re used to. One advantage of independent living vs aging in place is that you get rid of the stress of maintaining the home, as the facility will manage this for you. However, many seniors value the activities involved in taking care of their home and may prefer aging in place.

Ultimately, it’s important to give yourself time to consider the decision. Speaking to professionals who specialize in aging in place modifications for the home is an incredibly useful resource. Plus, don’t hesitate to contact independent living facilities and communities to get a tour. You never know what you may end up changing your mind about.

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