Maneuvering Through Stairs Is Now A Problem - What To Do?

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Not many people get the chance of living in their forever home even after aging. Health difficulties, security troubles, and other problems make it difficult to live peacefully alone. However, nowadays, there are many options and services available to modify your house for catering your old aged needs. One of the many issues that the elderly face is proper mobility; let’s have a look at how stairs are a threat in the house and the problem’s resolution.

Mobility Evaluation

Assessing your subject’s physical limitations and restrictions is a very important factor for aging in place, and you must know what can impact the daily routine. When we talk about stairs, a few things of consideration include the strength of carrying stuff up and down, whether a handrail is required, etc.

However, this evaluation is ongoing; what may seem perfect for one time may not work in the future. Aging in place is a tricky matter; you should think a few steps ahead and make sure that the space is age-friendly.

What to Do About Stairs in the Home of the Elderly

Running up and down the stair case is easy when you’re young. Unfortunately, aging means being more careful, especially when taking a flight from different floors. Moving once in the morning then back at night might seem fine and safe.

However, multiple movements throughout the day will increase the risk of falling. Therefore, once the plans move around minimizing the use of stairs, it is an indication of change. But what do we do about it? Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Moving Out

Moving negates the whole point of aging in your forever home. What good will changing the house bring? It is a costly decision; you would rather keep the money aside for rainy days. You may never find a suitable living space; it may be small or not in the familiar area. One of the reasons for aging in the home is living in a comfortable place amongst people you’ve known for years.

Shifting All On One Floor

Another way is moving everything in a single floor, whether it is ground or first. But, what about the space left behind. Let’s think about cramming everything up in one. The decision is not wise and will result in inconvenience.

Installing a Stair Lift

Installing a stair lift or sometimes recollected as a chairlift, is one of the best options for minimizing the risks related to stair cases for the elderly. It is a piece of equipment installed on the edge of the case that will move the person up and down with ease. This device reduces fall risks and gives a sense of independence.


Aging is a natural phenomenon and will eventually hit every being. Therefore, considerations are of prime importance before things get difficult to handle. Home modification is one of the things you can do for your elders so that they live safely in peace. Contact Home Comfort Solutions today at 713 623 1388 for assistance.