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With age, many changes accompany old people. And one of those is the change in the ability to move freely. As immune system becomes weak; we tend to get affected by many diseases, and therefore, it also affects our movement. Our bones stop supporting our body, and we may also end up in a wheelchair. But the problem occurs when we have to move our elderly family member from one place to another where wheelchairs can’t take them. In such a situation, a sling helps to move the patient as this supports to carry them safely.

Material for patient sling

Most of the slings are of any soft material, including fabrics, nylon, and polyester. The sling holds the patients by wrapping around a person’s body. The straps of the slings attach to patients’ lift. These slings come in different sizes so as to fit all people who want to use them. A proper fitting and the ability to carry a patient’s weight makes the sling secure for the patient. A sling not fitting properly can harm a person while transferring.

Type of patient sling

The slings used for patients are of different types. The following are some of them:

U-Sling for patient

These slings are a quick fit and are universal and can fit most of the patients. The best quality is the availability of all sizes from extra small to extra large.

Bathing and toilet slings

These slings provide extra support when elderly people want to take a bath or wish to go to the toilet. These hold the patients tightly so they may not slip.

Standing up sling

These slings are good for making old people stand if they are not able to stand on their own. These also help to pick up patients who have mobility problems.

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