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If you have a disabled loved one, then you know showering can be a challenge. Showers are often small and slippery, which can make them dangerous. But if your loved one uses a mobility aid, these challenges are even greater. A barrier-free shower makes it easier for both disabled users and caregivers to access the space. Learn why we recommend a barrier-free shower below.

What is a Barrier-Free Shower?

A barrier-free shower is a shower area that does not have a lip or divider between the shower and the floor. Instead, these showers use specially placed hardware and curtains to divide the space and keep water contained to the bathing area. They are very useful to people who need to take wheelchairs or walkers into the shower with them. Without any barriers, a person is able to easily enter the shower.

Great For Different Types of Users

People who use mobility aids obviously benefit from these showers. However, other people will find them useful, too. For instance, people with mobility issues might have trouble climbing over a ledge. Caregivers will also love that they can easily assist patients in this type of shower.

Features to Consider

The shower barrier is just one of many features to consider during your bathroom remodel. Shower benches, chairs, handles, and guard rails are also very helpful features. In conclusion, the best shower features will depend on who is using the shower. With so many options, it is easy to create a space that your loved one can use with dignity.

Barrier-Free Shower Installation in Cypress, TX

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