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Do you have a wheelchair-bound person in your care? Wheelchairs are wonderful tools for people with mobility issues. They help countless people stay independent, despite having disabilities. However, wheelchair accessibility is still a common problem. A roll-in shower is a simple way to make a crucial part of your home accessible. Below, we’ll share the benefits of a roll-in shower.

Why Traditional Showers Are An Issue

Most showers simply are not made for those with disabilities. A traditional shower will have a ledge or bathtub that a person must climb over for entry. Of course, this is not possible for the disabled. But entry isn’t the only problem with traditional showers. Faucets and showerheads are often hard to reach. The floor and other surfaces are also very slippery. Plus, traditional showers are often far too small. This is difficult for people who need help in the shower.

Easy Access For Wheelchairs and More

A roll-in shower is the easiest shower option for wheelchair users. However, others will benefit too. People who use walkers or other mobility aids will also find these showers easier to use. Caregivers will also find that these showers make their jobs easier. Roll-in showers are not only easy to clean, but also easy to use if your patient needs assistance.

One Step Closer to Accessibility

There are many ways to make a shower accessible. While a roll-in shower is very helpful, adding other features will improve the shower even more. Ask us about nonstick flooring, accessible showerheads, and more.

Roll In Shower Installation Houston

A shower makeover will help your patient or loved one feel in control of their own personal care. Home Comfort Solutions is proud to help people in Houston stay independent. We also travel to other cities in southeast Texas. Call us today to learn about our custom home solutions for wheelchair users.