Technology for Seniors Aging In Place | How To Make It Safer and Easier

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There’s no doubt that technology has made all of our lives easier and more convenient. But while younger generations have readily adopted newer, fancier gadgets, seniors and the elderly have largely been left out of the trend. So we’re here to tell you about how you can use technology to help make the lives of loved ones aging in place more comfortable, more convenient, and most importantly, safer. Technology for seniors aging in place doesn’t have to be hard to use or maintain!

Solving Problems Around The House

Aging-in-place solutions must incorporate the usual, most important modifications to the home. This includes accessibility modifications to make the residents more comfortable:

  • Widening doorways and hallways.
  • Allowing floors to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers.
  • Removing obstacles and barriers to mobility.

Bathrooms and kitchens can include grab bars and handle at appropriate heights, with non-slip and non-skid surfaces to increase safety. Entryways must include ramps and garage access made easier if the resident drives regularly.

However, modern technology can improve home security, make internet access easier and more friendly, and incorporate smart home devices for convenience.

How Technology Can Help Seniors Aging In Place

Most seniors hesitate to use technology because it may seem intimidating or difficult to use. But modern smart home technology is a boon to senior residents and, properly configured, can make their lives so much easier.

Putting together a modern “smart home” is easier than ever. Off-the-shelf internet-connected packages can connect to all household lighting fixtures, fans, and air conditioning units. This has numerous benefits:

  • Lights can turn on and off at certain times of the day, certain times of the week, or as the resident enters or exits a room.
  • Fans can turn on at a certain speed if it gets too hot or cold.
  • Air conditioning can intelligently monitor occupancy and adjust cooling or heating based on outside weather, comfort settings, or energy usage, saving you money on your power bill.
  • Residents can control their home appliances easily through their smartphones.
  • Residents don’t have to get up from bed to adjust the temperature or see if they forgot to turn off a light – they can do it straight from their phones.
  • Lawn sprinklers can automatically turn on and off on schedule and based on the weather.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners and mops can keep the house clean automatically.
  • Automatic pet feeders can make sure pets are fed and watered without the need to exert themselves.

There are also numerous home security advantages. Since safety is a paramount concern, especially if your elderly loved one lives alone, wireless cameras, motion sensors, and alarms can help secure the home as part of a smart security system. Entry and exits to the home can log and monitor themselves, and again, everything is available to view from the convenience of a smartphone.
And if, for example, the senior experiences a fall or is in danger, wireless alert systems can monitor their activity from their wrist and alert loved ones or emergency personnel.


It might be overwhelming to consider the breadth of technology you can incorporate in the home. However, many home technology products are easy to use and easy to set up. And once it’s all set up, the benefits are immense, and the payoff is worth it. A dedicated aging in place solutions provider can help you get everything running smoothly. Best of all, they can perform maintenance as and when it’s needed.

Fortunately, Home Comfort Solutions is a “total solution” provider, meaning we take care of everything for you. This includes evaluation, installation, routine maintenance, and repair. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry. Our job is to make sure you can age in place with dignity, comfort, and safety. Call us today with any of your questions at (713) 623-1388.