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As people age, they begin to lose their mobility. This becomes a hindrance in the need for wanting independence. They rely on others for help. Even daily activities like showering and walking down or climbing the stairs become a hassle. When showering, they may slip and fall. This is where shower chairs for the elderly come to help. To avoid any injury by falling in the bathroom while showering, they can use the shower chairs. When buying a shower chair for the elder in your family, consider the following things.

Weight Capacity

The shower chairs should be stable enough to support the weight of your elderly family members. Before buying the chair, one must check the weight it can support so that it does not break from the constant use and weight of your loved ones.


Showering can be exhausting. Elderly men and women may have trouble sitting in one posture for a long time. Therefore, they need a backrest to support their back while they are showering. So when choosing shower chairs for elderly men and women at your home, do check if they come with backrests. It provides balance and back strength.

Seat Design

The seat must have a textured plastic design. This prevents the elderly person from slipping off the seat even when it’s wet. Some chairs would have holes in them, which help to drain water and prevent pooling.

Shower chairs for the elderly are really a lifesaver. It is important to take care of our elders when they become old and begin losing their mobility. It is this time when they require our help the most. Assisting them in walking or bringing them a chair they can sit on while showering can add a huge smile on their faces. Home Comfort Solution is best at providing such chairs. If you are not sure, which chair to buy for the old members of your family, call us on 713-623-1388, and our team will guide you.