What To Expect During Senior Home Safety Inspections

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Senior home safety inspections are a great way to ensure that your loved one is safe in their own space. Inspectors can spot defective appliances, dangerous materials, and other things that can be dangerous for seniors. They can also recommend renovations or services to make your home safer. Read on to learn more about senior home safety inspections.

What Happens During Senior Home Safety Inspections?

During an inspection, a trained person will come to your home to ensure that it is safe for an elderly person. They will go over the aging person’s needs and then check home features to make sure they are accommodating enough. For instance, if a person has mobility issues, then an inspector will check for non-slip surfaces, adequate space for wheelchairs and/or walkers, and whether access ramps can be installed.

Checking The Home’s Current Safety

Many elderly people have lived in the same space for years- even decades. Sometimes, their homes are not updated and might include appliances or tools that are no longer safe to use. A home inspector can make sure that aging home features are still working properly.

Planning For The Future

It’s important to plan for your loved one’s future. While they may be fairly active today, this might not be the case down the line. A home inspector can help you prepare for changes in your aging loved one’s activity level, mobility, memory, and strength.

Questions to Ask Your Inspector

Your home inspector can help you make the best home plans for your loved one’s needs. Make a list of questions for your inspector, and be sure to tell them about your family member’s physical abilities. You can ask them for product recommendations, construction ideas, and also important safety concerns that you have.

Creating a Safe and Comfortable Home

Senior home safety inspections will help you identify changes that need to be made to your home. If you are ready to make those changes, then Home Comfort Solutions can help. We offer a wide variety of renovation services to create the perfect space for your aging loved one. Explore our website or call today to learn more.