What You Need To Make Your Home Accessible

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When you are young and fit, you don’t often think about how important accessibility is for your home, and why would you? Moving throughout the house, identifying hazards, and remaining safe is straightforward. But, this is not the case for seniors, the disabled, or people suffering from poor mobility. To maintain safety, independence, and self-esteem, your home must be accessible to accommodate changing needs, and here is how to make that possible.

Why is accessibility important?

Improves safety
Improving accessibility around the home dramatically improves and increases safety. This ranges from removing hazards to installing security measures. This could be security cameras, but it could also refer to interior lighting that increases visibility around the home.

Enhances independence
Maintaining independence is crucial for seniors and disabled individuals, and a home accessibility assessment will help you achieve this independence. The assessment analyzes potential hazards around the house to identify modifications that could increase independence and improve the quality of life.

Prevents the risk of injuries
Improving accessibility also reduces the risk of injury by identifying possible hazards. This could involve installing a railing in the shower for stability and preventing slips. Additionally, it can mean making repairs to parts of the home that could be dangerous. A home evaluation will also check things like the water temperature to prevent burns.

How to make your home more accessible

While preparing for your home evaluation, you can take steps to make your home more accessible for seniors and disabled friends or family members.

One of the most common issues faced by seniors and other people with low mobility is trip hazards. This is anything that might cause someone to stumble over, and can be your kids’ (or grandkids’) toys, but also things like laptop or computer cables and loose carpeting or mats. Keeping the floors clear and securing mats and carpets will improve accessibility.
Invest in alarms and cameras

Home Security is another issue that can impact accessibility around the home. Alarms and security cameras will significantly improve your home and increase safety for all inhabitants. Cameras help you identify issues before they become issues and help you monitor the house even when you are not there.

The modern home is full of appliances in every room. From your washing machine and refrigerator to your laptop or tablet; electronics are used almost every minute of every day. But, if left unchecked, these appliances could become dangerous. Washing machines could become blocked and leak, which could cause slips and falls, whereas older appliances could spark and injure people.

If you live in a two-story home, you may need to adjust the layout to make your home more accessible. Elderly people cannot get up the stairs as easily as they used to, which puts them at risk. So, you may need to move the bedroom downstairs to accommodate their needs.

Transform your home today

Home Comfort Solutions has designed an effective Home Evaluation that identifies potential hazards both inside and outside your house. If you need to make your home more accessible, whether for yourself or a family member, contact us today at (713) 623-1388 or send an email to info@homecomfortsolutionsllc.net to find out what we can do for you.