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Wheelchair Ramps Houston, Tx

wheelchair access ramp
Ramp Systems

A key part of staying independent at home is getting in and out.

Ramp systems are one of the simplest and least costly ways to improve access. Ramps require minimal changes to existing structures and do not require any power. They can provide access for those with wheelchairs, crutches, canes, or walkers. Ramps are usually installed in much less time than other solutions, being therefore a great remedy when timing becomes an issue.

wheelchair access ramp

Portable Ramps

Quick, easy, and inexpensive, portable ramps can be set up when needed and taken down the rest of the time. These ramps are a fantastic choice for disabled visitors, allowing you to make your home accessible for them without permanent modification..

wheelchair access ramp

Installed Ramps

For situations where a ramp will be used long term, a semi permanent ramp is best. These systems are professionally designed to fit your needs, space, and budget. These ramps can later be removed with no damage to the existing structure.

Ramps are a simple way to make a home accessible. They are quick and easy to install while also being more affordable than other options. Users also love that ramps can be installed without changing other features of the home. This way, your home can become accessible while still being the same space you know and love. Call us today to learn more about these popular ramp options: 

Permanent Ramps

Permanent wheelchair ramps are the best option for long-term use. These ramps can be constructed using a variety of materials, such as wood, aluminum, or concrete. This makes it easy to customize your ramp based on your budget and home style. Permanent ramps can also be made using all-weather or anti-slip materials, which means you won’t need to worry about safety while using your ramp. Since permanent ramps will become a critical part of your home, these ramps must be designed for a user’s exact needs. Schedule a consultation, and we’ll help you design a custom-made wheelchair ramp.

Rubber Wheelchair Ramps

Rubber wheelchair ramps are typically used at door thresholds, making it easy for wheelchair users to navigate through raised entryways. These thresholds are often overlooked when a family is first making their home accessible. In fact, many able-bodied people don’t even notice gaps in the entryway until they are designing a space for a wheelchair user! Luckily, rubber ramps are lightweight and affordable, making them a simple solution for this common problem. These ramps are also easy to move. People can use a single ramp for multiple doorways or take their rubber ramp along while traveling. Accessibility has never been easier!

Lightweight Wheelchair Ramps

Lightweight wheelchair ramps are a flexible, affordable, and completely portable option. Users love that these ramps are durable but also moveable, allowing for easy access to multiple spaces. Lightweight wheelchair ramps are usually made of aluminum and fold completely flat, making them easy to transport in a truck or van. Aluminum wheelchair ramps can also be customized for comfortable use. Ask us about adding carpet or rubber for a skid-proof surface or hand bars for added stability.

Wheelchair Ramps For Home Entrance

Wheelchair users deserve a comfortable, well-designed, and stylish home entrance, just like able-bodied people. Wheelchair ramps can be customized specifically for a home entrance. We can match building materials to your home for a subtle look that fits your tastes. Because home entrance ramps are designed to be permanent solutions, we will also take great care in making the ramp easy to use long-term. Whether you need guard rails, handrails, or other protective features, we can help.

Wheelchair Ramps For Vehicles

Many people with mobility aids struggle to get into vehicles. This creates a huge barrier, as lots of us depend on vehicles to visit the doctor, see family, or simply interact with the world. A wheelchair ramp for cars can solve this problem, making travel easy. Wheelchair ramps for cars are lightweight and foldable for ease of use. These ramps can be made to support any size or shape of mobility aid, from walkers and canes to heavy power chairs.

Temporary Wheelchair Ramps

Temporary wheelchair ramps are portable, folding ramps that are both affordable and easy to use. They are a great tool for disabled house guests or for those recovering from surgery. They are also helpful for people with chronic conditions who still have mobility but occasionally need to use a ramp. While these ramps are designed for temporary use, they are still made using the same powerful, lightweight aluminum that is used for permanent ramps. This means users will never need to worry about quality or safety.

Ramps Systems

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