Should I Get A Shower Standing Handle Installed?

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Making living spaces safe for the elderly is of utmost importance. Amongst many changes that must be done for their protection, do not forget to make amends in the bathroom. Aged individuals are at increased fall risks, and most of the injuries happen in the bathroom. Therefore, ensure the addition of a shower standing handle since it is an excellent idea.

But why is there a need for grab bars there? Slipping and consequent fall is most commonly seen in the bathroom than anywhere else because of the wet floor. This stands valid for not only the elderly but also for young adults and children. Shower standing handles increase stability. Anyone who is prone to falling requires support, even while standing during the shower, so these
grab handles are perfect for such people.

As we advance in age and grow a day older, performing regular tasks becomes troublesome and even shifting from one place to another is a taxing task for the elderly. According to the CDC, 81.1% of not fatal injuries happen from falling in the bathroom; and the most susceptible group is the elderly. The good news is that this issue is minimized with the installation of shower handles in the bathrooms. Grab bars for the rescue!

Shower Standing Handle

Have you heard the term, better safe than sorry? Even if you do not have older adults living in your house, it is still essential that you install a grab bar or shower standing handle for use.
It is a great help for proper safe movement in the wet bathroom. Apart from that, the shower handle also helps pull up and bend without falling.

Choosing Shower Standing Handles

A grab bar or shower standing handle is any hook or supportive handle used to stand upright from a seated position. These materials come in different sizes or shapes; you may choose according to your needs.

There are 2 types of grab handlebars available in the market, movable and fixed. Fixed ones are considered safer comparatively since they do not move. However, expertise and a lot of effort are required to install it or remove it from one place to another.

Rails that are easily removable are not advised since it negates the whole purpose of the bar. It is required to bear a standing person’s weight, which is a problem in mobile bars.
It is easy to install and portable; an advantage of a removable shower standing handle compared to a fixed one. However, the cons overpower the pros; therefore, it is not considered a safe choice.

Size of a Shower Grab Handle

They come in multiple sizes starting from 9 to 42 inches. Usually, a standing grab handle’s recommended size for moving in and out of the shower is 24 inches in length. The size facilitates smooth movements from standing to sitting with the help of its angle. The shortest size recommended is 12 inches long.


Aging is a tricky and challenging process, and one should take every measure to make it a comfortable process. Call Home Comfort Solutions today at 713 623 1388 for more information.