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As per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 25% of elderly people fall every year. Many of them fall in the bathroom because of the wet floor and non-availability of any handles. As our loved ones grow old they become weak and unstable. It then becomes a challenge for them to stay stable. In such a case, it becomes extremely important to have shower handles for the elderly people in the bathroom, which they can grab while sitting or getting up and stay safe.

What to consider in a shower handle

Anyone who thinks of installing a shower handle considers the safety of his/her elderly member before choosing a particular type of handle. However, a person may face serious injury if the handle is not able to bear the weight of a person and, as a result, it may come out. Therefore, the following should be taken care of before purchasing a shower handle:

Weight of the handle

Every handle has a limit of carrying weight. Most of the handles installed in the bathrooms are not strong enough to carry full body weight. These only help a person while sitting or getting up. Therefore, before selecting a handle, it is wise to check the maximum weight a handle is able to carry.

The material of the handle

Considering the material of the handle may seem strange to you; however, it is one of the most important considerations to make sure the handle lasts for a good number of years. A handle that can withstand constant moisture and water is a good choice.

The grip of the handle

The grip is what may be one of the most crucial considerations. It might not seem very important for young people; however, for old age, it is all that matters. How quickly a person can grab the bar in case of a fall can become the main point to consider while choosing a handle.

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